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Peanut butters

  •    Classic butters
  •    Flavored butters
  •    Nut butters
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Natural confectionery

  •    Natural honey
  •    Condensed milk
  •    Chocolate sweets
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Tom's Friends

  •    Granola
  •    Flax crisps
  •    Air cheeese
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Fruit and berry teas

A variety of fruit and berry teas

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All production made in Lviv, Ukraine

No preservatives, thickeners
or palm oil

and quality shipment
throughout Ukraine

A wide variety of
peanut and
nut butters

Our butter is a natural product
made from selected peanuts

We are leading peanut butter producers in Ukraine.
We guarantee high quality
and reasonable prices for TOM products.


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more Classic Peanut Butter

Classic Peanut Butter

81 грн 115 грн / 500 г

more Crunchy Peanut Butter

Crunchy Peanut Butter

67 грн 95 грн / 300 г

more Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

74 грн 105 грн / 300 г


Аня   /  01/11/2018

Швидка доставка)Натуральна, смачнюща, а головне якісна арахісова паста. А чай - це любов) Тепер замовлятиму частіше саме в


Людмила   /  01/11/2018


Вже не перший раз "ТОМ" радує неперевершено смачною арахісовою

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