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Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement provides terms and conditions for the use of materials and services of the site maslotom.com (site, Internet-shop, Seller) by Users (Customers). 

1.2. This Agreement of public offer is public, that is, according to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine its provisions are similar for all customers regardless of the status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur). In full agreement with this offer, User (Customer) accepts terms, conditions and procedure of placing the order, payment, shipment and liability for failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

1.3. Offer (offer to conclude this Agreement) is valid indefinitely, and is subject to conditions provided in this offer, until the site Administration terminates it or replaces it with a new offer.

1.4. Administration is entitled to modify the terms of this Agreement unilaterally and at any time. The modified Agreement is valid since the moment of its publication on the site. User (Customer) cannot offer terms or conditions and can only join the proposed offer.

1.5. According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, the fact of placing an order by clicking on the link ‘Place the order’ and/or 100% payment for the order presuppose and constitute full and unconditional acceptance of this public Agreement.

1.6. Public offer is also accepted by Customer in case of registration on the site of the Internet-shop. Having registered on the site of company TOM and independently chosen LOGIN and PASSWORD to access the Internet-shop (site), Customer confirms his consent to:

  • terms and conditions of this public Agreement;
  • contact and payment information of Seller;
  • provisions about processing and protection of personal data in personal data databases which are the property of Seller;
  • prices and pricing policy of Seller;
  • terms of shipment and delivery;
  • warranty terms and obligations of Seller.

2. Registration

2.1. For placing an order and enjoying full range of services provided by company TOM, User (Customer) can register on the site and provide necessary information.

2.2. Registering on the site, User (Customer) is obliged to provide reliable and accurate personal and contact information so that the company can fulfill their obligations and deliver the ordered goods. User (Customer) will be liable for providing false information. 

2.3. Registering on the site, User (Customer) provides login and password. User (Customer) is liable for the safety of login and password, their use, and for the actions performed on his behalf.

3. Confidentiality and personal data

3.1. Information provided by User (Customer) is confidential. Site administration uses this information with the aim of fulfilling the order of User (Customer) if other aims are not stated in the Agreement.

3.2. Having registered on the site of company TOM and chosen LOGIN and PASSWORD to access the Internet-shop (site) User (Customer) gives consent to the collection and processing of personal data with the following aims: processing and shipping the order, using telecommunication means (text messages, e-mail, Viber or Instagram) to inform User (Customer) about promotions and special offers, giveaways, new products and any other marketing activity of company TOM.

3.3. For the purpose provided by this clause, company TOM is entitled to send e-mails, text messages and call to the phone number indicated at order placement or registration on the site. 

3.4. User (Customer) gives consent to the use of cookie technology. Cookie files do not contain any personal information and cannot in any way read information from hard disk of User (Customer). Cookie files are used for improving service quality: quick User (Customer) identification, saving settings, personal preferences etc. If User (Customer) disables cookies, site Administration does not guarantee proper functioning of all services of the site.

3.5. User (Customer) gives consent to the processing of personal data, including: placing personal data in the database, updating or changing them (without additional notification). Administration is committed to protection of personal data from unauthorized access by third-parties. Administration will in no case transfer the data unless it is necessary for processing these data and also per binding enquiry from competent state bodies.

3.6. If User (Customer) does not wish to get information about promotions, special offers and new products of the company, he/she can refuse by notifying Administration.

4. Process of placing order

4.1. Customer places the order in the Internet-shop independently and takes responsibility for process of placing the order and choice of goods. After order is placed, Customer is notified via email to the provided email address with all details of the order including terms of payment and shipment, and a text message with the number of order and payment details. If order is placed via Facebook, Instagram ot by telephone, Customer is notified via the corresponding communication channel. 

5. Disclaimer of Liability

5.1. Administration is not liable for possible inaccuracies and typos in the site materials. All materials are provided  ‘as is’.

5.2. Administration is not liable for damage, loss or expenses caused by using or impossibility of using the site. 

5.3. Administration is not liable for:

5.3.1. Delays or failures caused by problems in telecommunication, computer or electrical systems.

5.3.2. Functioning of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and delays caused by their functioning.

5.3.3. Proper functioning of the site if User does not have necessary technical means for using it.

6. Exclusive rights

6.1. All objects provided by the site services, including elements of design, text, graphics, video, databases and other objects or content are objects of exclusive rights of Administration and other Rightholders.

6.2. Elements of services or content may be used with personal non-commercial purposes on condition of preserving by the User of copyright information, name of the Rightholder and not changing the corresponding object.

6.3. If you have questions about rights or any other questions and/or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]

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